Maître assistant en Anglais

Zeineb Ayachi is assistant professor of the Applied Linguistics at the Higher School of Digital Economy (ESEN) in Manouba. Zeineb also worked as a  lecturer of Applied Linguistics at the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of  Jendouba (ISSHJ) Tunisia. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics.   Zeineb   has more than 24 years of experience at high schools and colleges in Tunisia. She is a research fellow at RIADI Laboratory, Manouba, Tunisia. She has also been training professionals on site which helped her a great deal in developing market driven courses.  Zeineb’s main areas of research include Psycholinguistics, ESP, curriculum development, implementation and evaluation, and communication through networked classrooms.

Affiliation académique

Ecole Supérieur de l'Economie Numérique

Affiliation scientifique