Maître de conférences en Informatique

Rhouma Rhouma is an Associate Professor at the ESEN (Ecole supérieure d'économie éléctronique de Mannouba). He has his engineering diploma in Telecommunications from the ENIT (Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs de Tunis) in 2003 and the master degree in Communications systems from the same school in 2004 and the doctorate degree of Telecommunications from the same school in 2008. He has in December 2012 the universitary Habilitation diploma from the ENIT in Telecommunications.

Since September 2018 he is with the UTAS - College of applied sciences in Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

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Rhouma Rhouma

École Supérieure d'Économie Numérique
Campus universitaire de la Manouba - CP 2010 - Tunisie
Tél: +21671602919
Fax: +21671602662
E-mail: rhoouma (at) gmail (dot) com