Objectifs du club

Club Débat ISD

We believe as youth, that we are able to impact our community, country and the world, to make it a better place...because we are the change that we want to see. 

We do that by providing sustainable solutions for the Sustainable development goals, so that we can measure the impact and then amplify it. Changing people’s life can be a reason for someone to understand and unlock the human skills that we’re lacking in this world nowadays.

We are the arrow that swing for a long journey to inspire anyone to do the same.
We are the youth who tries their best to reach out to anyone that needs our support, by providing long lasting solutions for specific targets and goals.

We believe that If we don’t ACT we won’t IMPACT and we aim to act so that people follow the lead.

We ASPIRE to INSPIRE through actions.

Président du club

Sabryn Hamrouni : aspire-club [at] esen [dot] tn

Date de création



President: Sabryn Hamrouni
Quality education project responsible:  Nesrine Sehli 
Zero hunger project responsible & Business developer: Oumaima ben ghorbel 
Human resources responsible: Rami dabboussi 
Marketing responsible: Mohamed aziz Gattousi